mesa raising home
One of the most appealing aspects of moving to mobile homes for sale in Mesa is the access to various options within private and public education. Also, Mesa has plenty to offer in terms of safe areas to raise a family. Since living in a mobile home is an affordable option in Mesa, families are able to obtain safety and harmony without feeling burdened by financial constraints that are typically associated with living in other parts of the country.

Owning a home is less expensive in Mesa than it is in many other major cities in the US. According to a major online real estate news source, the average cost of purchasing a home in Mesa is just above $250,000. This expense is only a few thousand dollars more than the national average for a house in the US. However, purchasing a mobile home is often far more affordable. For the same cost of purchasing a traditional home, a manufactured house has more to offer.

family in arizonaPeople interested in attending higher learning institutions will be excited to hear how Mesa is the home of one of Arizona State University’s campuses. ASU’s Polytechnic campus opened its doors over two decades ago. Originally, they were offering just eight degree programs, but this school has grown substantially to the point of having 40 areas of study, including graduate degree programs.

If the kids aren’t ready for college just yet, your children will have room to grow in Mesa. You’ll have plenty of viable options for finding suitable schools for them. Technically, there are four different school districts in Mesa, but most of the public schools in the city are part of the Mesa Public School District. There is also a Lutheran private school (kindergarten to eighth grade) available to interested Mesa residents.

Mesa Public Schools has over 64,000 children in attendance, and it’s the largest public school district in the state of Arizona. You might be happy to find out that there are plenty of auxiliary options for making the public school experience more enriching for the children, including language immersion programs, Montessori, international baccalaureate programs, advanced placement courses, and honors courses.

arizona housingIf you are like most responsible parents, then safety is a major priority. It’s one of the main criteria for finding a new neighborhood to live in with your family. Even though the city is just about 20 miles from one of the largest cities in the US, Mesa maintains safe living spaces within its vibrant community. We’ve located some interesting surveys that pertain to safety within Mesa, and it appears that a majority of the people surveyed feel that the neighborhoods around Mesa are quiet, yards are properly maintained, and the streets are lit at night. Dog lovers are relishing to find out that Mesa is a pet friendly city, and nearly nine out of ten Mesa locals have said that the neighborhoods are good places to live if you have a dog.

The results are in, and it appears that Mesa appeals to most family living situations. Your children will have a safe place to go to school, and the colleges are even worthy of serious attention. Even the family dog will like living in this city. Thanks to affordable living options, you can find a beautiful manufactured home in Mesa, Arizona to call your own.