HCPNA Calendar of Events 2019

We hope to see you at each event!

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Jan 8, ’19 Monthly Meeting Renee Coakley-Update on CP Businesses; Jane Randolph-history of HCPNA Woodward Chapel
Feb 12 ’19 Monthly Meeting Mercedes Miller-Exec Dir of GICC  Woodward Chapel
Mar 12 ’18 Monthly Meeting  Chief Wade Elmore-CP Fire Dept.                       Food provided by Wayfield Foods Woodward Chapel
April 9, ’19 Monthly Meeting Whitney & Micah Stansell-local artists Woodward Chapel
May 14, ’19 Monthly Meeting  Bobby Wilson-Metro Atl Urban Farm Woodward Chapel
JUNE/JULY No Meetings
June ’19 Smart Lunch CP UMC
June ’19 Social TBD
Aug ’19
Aug 13 ’19 Monthly Meeting -Tasha Hall-Garrison & Artie Jones CP Econ Dev/Airport City
-Katherine Delp-Camp Truitt 4-H
 Woodward Chapel
 Sept 10 ’19  Monthly Meeting Market 166 Co-op & Atlanta Youth Rugby Food by Virgil’s Gullah  Woodward Chapel
 Oct 8 ’19   Monthly Meeting  Woodward Chapel
 Oct 12 ’19  Yard Sale HCP
 Nov 12 ’19   Monthly Meeting  Woodward Chapel
 Dec 20 ’19  Holiday Party  Women’s Club

Thank you for all of your support!